A square meal: Norm’s Pizza rolls out two new pies

It’s got pep: Norm’s Pizza now serves a Sicilian-style pepperoni slice.
Photo by Bill Roundy

It’s hip to be square! 

A Downtown pizza joint known for its high-quality slices has added two new options to its menu. Norm’s Pizza on Adams Street now serves a pair of Sicilian-style slices. Adding the square, thick-crust pizza to its traditional New York-style pies is a natural next step, said the pizzeria’s founder. 

“We always wanted to launch a Sicilian pie at Norm’s, but first we wanted to get our standard slices down,” said Noam Grossman. “It’s been six months since the shop opened and we felt like it was time to expand the menu.”

The pillowy-soft square pies are made from an all-natural sourdough that has to ferment for 24 hours. Norm’s Pizza pro Rosario Viggiano said that the dough makes the pies light and airy, and gives them a unique flavor.

“We’re just trying to make the best possible version of the New York classics,” he said. “We’re not reinventing the wheel.”

Pizza slinger Rosario Viggiano shows off a Sicilian slice.
Pizza slinger Rosario Viggiano shows off the Sicilian slice at Norm’s Pizza. Photo by Bill Roundy

After rising overnight, the pizzas are topped with mozzarella, pecorino, garlic oil, olive oil and tomato sauce. Each slice costs $4, or $5 if topped with pepperoni.

Try the Sicilian slice at Norm’s Pizza [345 Adams St. between Willoughby and Johnson streets Downtown; (347) 916–1310, www.normspizza.com]. Open Mon–Sat; 11 am–11 pm; Sun, 11 am–9 pm. $4 ($5 with pepperoni).

All-natural sourdough makes Norm's Sicilian slices light and airy.
All-natural sourdough makes Norm’s Sicilian slices light and airy. Photo by Bill Roundy