Adrian Grenier loves Devin Ratray!

Adrian Grenier loves Devin Ratray!
Photo by Stefano Giovannini

It’s a bromance for the ages.

On Saturday night, “Entourage” star Adrian Grenier and other celebrities will prowl the red carpet on Driggs Avenue for the premiere of “True Bromance,” the highlight of the Williamsburg International Film Festival.

The political romance spoof, partially filmed in Williamsburg, follows schlub Devin Ratray’s sweet crush on former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice that is no way inspired by former Libyan autocrat Muammar Qaddafi’s scrapbook.

Expect to bump fists with comedian Jim Norton, Stephen Colbert’s pollster Frank Luntz, and Ratray’s best friend, former Williamsburg resident Grenier, during the premiere Saturday night.

And Grenier might even dispense some advice to ’burg dudes about how to date women out of their league.

“He’s the ultimate alpha male in American society,” said “Bromance” director Sebastian Doggart. “He’s good on empathy.”

“True Bromance” is one of more than 100 feature-length films and shorts spreading out over the celluloid as part of Willifest, the brainchild of Brooklyn Films’ Michael Helman and Robin Adams, who created the event three years ago after deciding that other film festivals were “boring.”

This year, films will be screened for four days venues the Knitting Factory on Metropolitan Avenue, First Presbyterian Church on S. Third Street, and El Puente’s headquarters on S. Fourth Street.

That’s a dizzying amount of documentaries and narratives, but if you have to choose, park yourself at The Knitting Factory Friday night at 6 pm and watch “Hurry Up and Wait,” a documentary about the band Gringo Starr’s attempt to break into the music business.

That’s followed by a sure-to-be-packed Spike Lee-produced hip hop horror film, “You’re Nobody ’til Somebody Kills You,” which is then followed by another electric music documentary, “Hated,” which was shot in Williamsburg and premiered at Cannes.

But don’t forget the shorts.

Last year, Oscar-winner Luke Matheny’s “God of Love” screened at Willifest.

This year, check out “Dead Night,” a short film about a detective who keeps revisiting the site of his daughter’s murder; an Australian short film, “Cosmonaut,” about a Russian space explorer who crash lands on Mars; and “The Man Who Moved Manhattan,” an animated film about a 19th-century carpenter who tries to stop Manhattan from sinking into the ocean.

Willifest (multiple locations in Williamsburg), Sept 22–25. For info, visit www.willifest.com.