Finishing its
current season on a stylish note, One World Symphony will travel
all the way to Egypt for its final 2006 concert.

Ancient Egypt has caught the eyes (and ears) of composers over
the centuries, and One World Symphony’s June 23 concert will
showcase two of the most famous operas set in North Africa: Handel’s
"Julius Caesar in Egypt" and Verdi’s "Aida."

Handel’s "Julius Caesar in Egypt," which had its world
premiere in London in 1724, is a splendid vehicle for supremely
talented singers: indeed, three of the most celebrated castrati
of the day sang at its first performance.

That obviously won’t be the case on June 23, but then again it
won’t have to: OWS conductor Sung Jin Hong has consistently shown
an ability to select singers who can handle the music being performed,
no matter how challenging. In that respect, the excerpts from
"Aida" (which actually had its premiere in Cairo in
1871) should emerge triumphant as well.

Mezzo-soprano Ainsley Ryan (pictured) will sing the role of Sesto
in "Julius Caesar in Egypt."

One World Symphony performs Handel and Verdi on June 23 at 8
pm at St. Ann and the Holy Trinity Church, 157 Montague St. at
Clinton Street in Brooklyn Heights. Tickets are $40, and $30
for students and seniors. For more information, call (718) 462-7270
or visit www.oneworldsymphony.org.