Another iPhone bike theft

iPhone bandit

A bicycle-riding thief snatched a fancy iPhone from a lady on Eighth Avenue on Jan. 3.

The 24-year-old woman told cops that she was walking home from the subway at around 9:30 pm when a teenage thug snatched her cellphone, then peddled like mad toward Berkeley Place.

The thief may be the same man who has terrorized the northern part of Park Slope for two years.

GQ jerk

A jerk with good taste in clothes swiped a stylish wardrobe from a car parked on Union Street overnight on Jan. 4.

The 28-year-old victim told cops that he locked his red Jeep and left it near Fifth Avenue at 7 pm. When he returned the following morning at 11, he discovered that his leather jacket, Ralph Lauren sweater and Sperry rain boots — along with other trendy apparel — had been snatched.

Bad trip

A crook used an absent-minded out-of-towner’s credit card for a chain-store shopping spree on Jan. 4.

The visiting Californian was staying at an apartment on Berkeley Place and Fifth Avenue. At some point during his stay, he realized that he had lost his black leather wallet. He went online to cancel credit cards and learned someone had already spent $30 at Target.

He also lost his driver’s license, which isn’t going to make his life in the so-called Golden State any easier.

Unsmooth operator

A clumsy bandit tried to steal some goods from a car parked on Eighth Street, but the owner busted him on Jan 3.

The 43-year-old victim told cops he left his black Ford van near Sixth Avenue to get some grub at 3 pm. He returned about 40 minutes later to find a ponytailed thug with a skull tattoo rummaging through his glove compartment.

Cops later arrested the 36-year-old wannabe burglar — still carrying break-in tools.

Senior smack

An ruffian manhandled an elderly lady on Jan. 4 while snatching money on Warren Street, but was later arrested.

The woman told cops the thief — who was also a senior citizen — tried to steal a $420 money order inside her apartment, which is near Third Avenue.

The victim was rushed to New York Methodist Hospital and cops later arrested a 64-year-old man.

Deliveryman drama

A knife-wielding thug held up a deliveryman inside a Nevins Street apartment on Jan. 4

The victim told cops that he was in his building at Warren Street at around 4 pm when a stick-up kid demanded that he hand over cash. After the victim complied, the thug fled.

ATM snatch

A crafty crook broke into a Sixth Avenue diner and stole cash from an ATM overnight Jan. 5

The owner of Kohzee Cafe told cops that he locked the restaurant at 11 pm and returned to restaurant, which is at Seventh Street about five hours later to discover that a burglar had emptied $1,000 from the money machine.

Road rage

A violent driver was arrested after gashing another driver’s face in a road rage incident on Jan. 6.

The victim told cops that he was stuck in traffic at Third Avenue and Third Street at around 10 pm when he got into a disagreement with an angry Russian man over traffic rules. The crazed Slav then pulled out a baton smashed the victim’s car window.

Glass from the window cut the victim above his left eye. Police then arrested the road rager.

Suitcase snatch

A creep stole a suitcase full of goodies from the trunk of a car on Montgomery Place on Jan 7.

The 24-year old victim told cops that she left a suitcase containing shoes, necklaces and kitchenware a few feet from her apartment, which is near Prospect Park West at 8 pm.

She returned an hour later to find that the suitcase was gone.

— Natalie O’Neill

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