Anti-Semitic incident on Adelphi Street

88th Precinct

Fort Greene–Clinton Hill

Jewish jacking

Three anti-Semitic goons jumped a 45-year-old woman outside of her Adelphi Street home on June 10 — calling her a “white Jewish bitch” before running off with her purse.

The thieves saw the woman buying cigarettes at a store on Myrtle Avenue at 10:30 pm and followed her to a house near Park Avenue. The woman was about to open her front gate when the thugs threw her up against a fence, spewed their racist epithets and swiped her handbag, which contained $180.

iPod mug

Four hooligans tried to take an iPod off a 35-year-old woman at the corner of Classon and Greene avenues on June 11 — but ran off empty-handed.

The victim was nearing the corner at 7:10 pm when the thieves approached, demanding her music player. When she refused, one of the suspects flashed a gun. The rest punched and kicked the woman, leaving her with several bruises.

iPhone grab

A pair of thugs took an iPhone off a 23-year-old man near the corner of DeKalb Avenue and Ryerson Street on June 12.

The victim was nearing the corner at 1:30 am when the suspects attacked, leaving him with a swollen lip.

Grand break

A thief broke into a Grand Avenue apartment on June 5, taking an Apple laptop computer.

The 33-year-old tenant left his home between Clifton Place and Greene Avenue at 2:50 pm, leaving the computer on his bed. The crook sneaked into his home through an open window sometime before 11:40 pm.


A 20-year-old was arrested on June 5 after he and three accomplices burglarized an Irving Place home.

Witnesses called 911 at 10 pm after seeing the thieves ransacking a rear room to the home between Gates and Putnam avenues.

The thieves fled through the front door as police arrived, but a 20-year-old suspect was caught in the back yard.

Not cool

A crook burglarized an 80-year-old woman’s St. Edward’s Street apartment on June 7 by yanking an air conditioner out of a side window — but only made off with a crummy utility box.

The thief pulled the air conditioner out of her bedroom window near Myrtle Avenue sometime after 8 am — crawling through the opening he made.

Pocket pinch

A sticky-fingered thief was arrested after he snaked his hand into a 22-year-old woman’s back pocket, taking $30 on June 7 exchange.

The victim was standing at the corner of Myrtle Avenue and Adelphi Street at 5:20 pm when the thief snagged the cash.

Laptop swipe

A thief made off with a 21-year-old woman’s Apple laptop on June 8 as she dined at the McDonald’s on Flatbush Avenue Extension.

The woman left the computer alone inside the restaurant near DeKalb Avenue for a few moments at 2:45 pm. When she returned a short time later, it was gone.

Forceful threats

Two teens were arrested on June 9 after they threatened to “shoot up” a Park Avenue store.

The suspects — both 14 — approached a 17-year-old employee outside the store between Adelphi Street and Carlton Avenue at 1 pm, demanding his bike.

“If you don’t, I’m going to shoot up this whole store,” one of the suspects threatened, although a gun was never shown.

The thieves made off with the bike, only to be apprehended a short time later.

— Thomas Tracy

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