Arab-American celebration touts culture

Bay Ridge’s Arab population came out to celebrate its culture with games, dancing, food and more on Sunday at Shore Road Park.

The fifth annual Bay Ridge Arab American Bazaar — the first since the Arab world saw a tide of revolutions at the hands of young people this spring — drew a jubilant crowd that turned out for a taste of Arab culture.

But at the heart of the dancing, food and face-painting lay a serious cause: helping repair Arab-American relations in a post 9-11 world.

“Trying times are upon us. Yet, despite these issues, Arab and Muslim New Yorkers remain proud of their American and ethnic identities,” the group’s president, Linda Sarsour said.

The event aimed to celebrate the myriad cultures of the Middle East while also celebrating and supporting the Arab spring.

The group flew extra large flags for Syria and Egypt.

“It’s as much about celebrating the Arab spring as anything,” said Sarsour.