At cross purposes: New utility pole blocks crosswalk signal

At cross purposes: New utility pole blocks crosswalk signal
Community News Group / Julianne Cuba

The city needs to get moving to replace a crosswalk signal that is blocked by a new utility pole, Marine Parkers are demanding.

People trying to traverse Avenue S at E. 36th Street cannot see whether they have the go-ahead to cross, because Con Ed installed a new utility pole right in front of a crosswalk signal on July 14 — and more than a month later the Department of Transportation has yet to move the light to the new post. But without the signal’s light-up man or flashing red hand, locals won’t know when it’s safe to cross and when to stay put — and the problem will become more serious when kids go back to school next week, one local said.

“If anybody’s trying to cross here, they’re not even going to notice when to do it, and that would be really difficult to cross and pretty dangerous for the kids too, if they don’t even see it and cross the street and get hurt,” said Marine Parker David Dugue. “It’s really dangerous and foolish.”

Another thought it was more silly than a serious danger, she said.

“That is hilarious — it sure does block the crosswalk sign,” said Marine Parker Pam Drago.

Fixing the signal is the city’s responsibility, a Con Ed spokesman said. Company workers have been replacing poles and repairing wires in the neighborhood as part of a post-Hurricane Sandy storm-hardening initiative, he said.

The Department of Transportation did not return a request for comment.

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In the way: A new utility pole on the corner of Avenue S and E. 36th Street blocks the crosswalk signal.
Community News Group / Julianne Cuba