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Barack: He’s just like US!

Taking a page from US Weekly, we asked Scout Tufankjian to look back on her two years on the road with Sen. Barack Obama and reveal the real man behind all her stunning pictures. It turns out, this star really is just like us!

1.He lives on Honest-Tea and Met-Rx bars!

“He really stays away from all that junk food on the bus. He’s also really into Emergen-C.”

2.He watches sports on TV!

“The campaign bus was always on ESPN. He watches basketball and football and ‘SportsCenter.

3.He’s a bit dorky!

“If anyone ever laughed at a line in a stump speech, it stayed in the speech forever. He’s funny, but sometimes it’s in a dorky dad kind of way.”

4.He prefers flattering photos!

“He never let us photograph him in his workout clothes. He has kind of a geeky gym outfit, with dorky sneakers. We couldn’t shoot it.”

5.He still smokes sometimes!

“He’s always trying to quit. By the end, he was down to bumming the occasional cigarette.”

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