Bark in Carroll Park! Pet adoption frenzy in Carroll Gardens

Who can resist?: Elizabeth Ramirez holds a four-legged friend with some pronounced puppy-dog eyes.
Photo by Tyrone Z. McCants

Carroll Gardens got a special delivery of more than a dozen furry bundles of joy at a pet adoption event over the weekend.

The fidos and felines found new owners at the Bark Avenue Adopt-a-Thon in Carroll Park on Sunday afternoon. The match-making session was a tail-wagging good time, according to the organizer.

“It was a huge success,” said Marion Fiore, a Brooklyn Heights real estate agent and big-time animal lover. “It was so beautiful to see an idea that you create be implemented by everyone around you.”

Twelve dogs and two felines found new homes and some of the pooches paraded down a red carpet and danced with their would-be owners, Fiore said.

The pet coordinator organized the event in memory of one of her dogs who was euthanized in a city shelter about 10 years ago. Fiore had no idea that her four-legged friend would be put down when she gave the pet up and the adopt-a-thon helped to alleviate her guilt, she said.

“This was my way of helping to redeem myself to make up it for it,” she said. “Really, the message in that story is that every time you adopt, you save a life.”

Fiore hopes to organize another one of the events in Park Slope next year called — you guessed it — Bark Slope.

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On the red bark-et: Sandra Jivcovic takes Lady for a glamorous walk at the Bark Avenue pet adoption event in Carroll Park.
Photo by Tyrone Z. McCants

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