Beep, beep! Markowitz’s official SUV attacked!

Beep, beep! Markowitz’s official SUV attacked!
Community Newspaper Group / Dan MacLeod

An unhinged hoodlum defaced cars belonging to Borough President Markowitz, his top aides, and several judges on Friday — damaging 10 vehicles and leaving public officials crying over their wrecked wheels.

Police say suspected vandal Alex Breytman of Ocean Parkway sprayed paint remover on Markowitz’s government-issued Toyota Highlander Hybrid, senior adviser Carlo Scissura’s 2011 Lexus SUV, and eight other vehicles parked in a Borough Hall parking lot off Joralemon Street between Boerum Place and Court Street at around 4:30 pm.

Cops caught up with Breytman a short time later at an Adams Street garage, our sister publication, the New York Post, reported.

Breytman was arrested, but the victims of the crime are still fuming.

“I’ll have to paint the whole car over,” moaned Scissura, whose luxury ride was marked up with several foot-long streaks that were still visible days after the attack. “It’ll be expensive.”

Scissura said he had no idea why only cars belonging to public officials were targeted, but insisted the vandalism wasn’t politically motivated.

Cops wouldn’t speculate on the motive as they slapped Breytman with 10 counts of criminal mischief. Breytman was released on $1,000 bail after appearing in Brooklyn Criminal Court on Jan. 23. His attorney did not return calls seeking comment.

Markowitz called the act of vandalism “reprehensible.”

— with Dan MacLeod

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The cars outside of Borough Hall were streaked with paint remover.
Community Newspaper Group / Dan MacLeod