Beep welcomes breast-feeding moms to Borough Hall

Beep welcomes breast-feeding moms to Borough Hall
Photo by Stefano Giovannini

Got milk!

Borough President Adams joined a crowd of women and babies on May 8 to celebrate the opening of a lactation station at Borough Hall that will provide moms and their hungry tots a place to breast-feed.

The lactation station, which sits on the ground floor of Borough Hall and can be access through the Joralemon Street entrance, includes comfy rocking chairs and educational literature for mamas to peruse as their kids feed in a place free from scowls by less-than-understanding passers-by.

“There are still a large amount of people who don’t understand breast-feeding,” said one mother, of Brownsville, as she juggled her four-month-old Luke on her lap. “I get a lot of dirty looks, but what am I supposed to do? If my baby is hungry I only have one source of nutrients for him.”

The law protects parents who breast-feed in public, and Adams said that while he hopes his room will provide a comfortable place for feeding in private, he thinks the breast solution would be for parents to comfortably feed their babies anywhere. Brooklyn, in short, should be a place where bosom buddies can always say thanks for the mammaries.

“We want parents to feel comfortable enough to feed their children in open air anywhere they want,” Adams said. “What we’re doing is giving this space here for those parents who choose to utilize it.”

Man, we milked this one for all it is worth.

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