Biker in critical condition after Williamsburg scooter crash

Biker in critical condition after Williamsburg scooter crash
A motorcycle rider was seriously injured when he struck a teenager on a razor scooter on N. Fourth Street in Williamsburg Wednesday night.
Photo by Todd Maisel

A motorcyclist suffered severe injuries after smashing into a scooter-riding teen in Williamsburg Wednesday night.

The biker was heading west along N. Fourth Street near Driggs Avenue at 8 pm, when he crashed into the teen’s Razor scooter and lost control of his motorcycle, which veered into a parked car and sent the rider flying, according to officers with the 94th Police Precinct.

Good Samaritans rushed to aid the crash victims, with one bystander running into a local urgent care center and returning with a doctor to aid the motorcycle rider.

Paramedics arrived soon after and transported the biker to Bellevue Hospital, where doctors predict he’ll survive the ordeal, authorities claim.

The scooter rider escaped the crash with only minor injuries.

Jean Haimowitz, whose husband Mitch owns the new Midici Napolitano Pizza and Bar in front of the crash site, said she ran out upon learning of the crash.

“I went out there and I saw the two people lying in the street, two bodies were on the road,” said Haimowitz who blocked the traffic from coming onto the street as people ran to the aid of the injured. “The guy on the scooter had no shoes on, he tried to get up, but [the good Samaritans] were trying to hold him down. The guy who was on the motorcycle was unconscious.”

Police were on the verge of calling in the department’s Collision Investigation Squad — an expert unit that probes fatal car crashes — but the specialists were called off after medics determined the biker would survive.

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A razor scooter left on N. Fourth Street following a crash Wednesday.
Photo by Todd Maisel

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