Borough Hall celebrates career of long-time staffer

sandra chapman
Sandra Chapman, a long-time Borough Hall staffer, celebrated her retirement with members of the Borough Hall office.
Photo by Zoe Freilich

Elected officials and local luminaries gathered on Jan. 10 to celebrate the career of long-time Borough Hall staffer Sandra Chapman — who’s retiring after 35 years!

The Borough Hall festivities began with speeches by fellow staffers, borough presidents Eric Adams and Marty Markowitz, who looked back at Chapman’s successful career as the Hall’s Chief Programs Officer.

Frank Seddio, soon-t0-be former Kings County Democratic Party boss, also lauded Chapman’s work and selfless personality, calling her his “homie.”

“She’s a Canarsie girl,” he said. “She’s unique. She never has an ego in what she does.”

After the emotional tributes, attendees made their way to a reception, where Lima Calbio, a former member of the Jamaican band Byron Lee and the Dragonaires, and pianist Ricardo Jerome entertained patrons as they feasted on Caribbean treats. 

Chapman said that she loved the party, and was grateful that so many colleagues and community members attended. 

“The party was great!” she said. “I was overwhelmed by the number of people in attendance.”

Chapman began her career under Borough President Howard Golden, where she worked to save 110 community gardens from being auctioned. When Marty Markowitz became borough president in 2002, Chapman was appointed Deputy Borough President, and she continued working in the office under Adams after his election in 2014, where she has served as Chief Programs Officer. 

Chapman said that her favorite part of working in Borough Hall was collaborating with passionate community members and helping them better their neighborhoods. 

“I loved being able to witness phenomenal everyday people doing phenomenal work,” she said. “I often wonder how they do so much with so little, and I am still in awe of their generosity and their tireless resolve to improve their communities.”

sandra chapman
Sandra Chapman (right), her husband, and daughter Cherylle.      Photo by Zoe Freilich
sandra chapman
Former Democratic Party boss, Frank Seddio, said kind words about Chapman’s career.     Photo by Zoe Freilich
sandra chapman
Representative Yvette Clarke and Dr. Una S. T. Clarke congratulated Sandra Chapman on her retirement.     Photo by Zoe Freilich