BREAKING: Walmart won’t open on Belt Parkway

BrooklynDaily.com is reporting that Walmart is not coming to planned Gateway II shopping center off the Belt Parkway.

The controversial retail giant was long-rumored to be planning to place it’s first store in New York City in Southern Brooklyn, but issued a statement today saying that’s not going to happen.

“We were unable to agree upon economic terms for a project in East New York,” said Walmart spokesman Steve Restivo.

Brooklynites long-believed that retail giant was destined for the shopping plaza planned to be built near the former Spring Creek Landfill near the boarder with Queens — especially since the Bentonville Behmouth began showering several southern Brooklyn non-profit organizations with donations, and joined the fight to clean up Jamaica Bay, which is less than a mile from where Gateway II will be built.

Here’s the full press release which got our hands on late on Friday.

“Walmart today announced that we were unable to agree upon economic terms for a project in East New York. We remain committed to bringing new economic development and shopping options to New York City, especially in the neighborhoods that need them most. Two things remain constant: most New Yorkers want us here and we remain interested in providing more convenient access to Walmart for local residents. We appreciate all our supporters – the Mayor’s office, Borough President Markowitz, Reverend Youngblood and countless others in and outside East New York – who helped us strengthen local relationships and build bridges with the community. In addition to providing good jobs and affordable groceries, residents want a retailer in Brooklyn that would hire and buy local, and look to make a positive economic impact by hosting job fairs, workforce development initiatives and supplier summits. Walmart will continue to evaluate local opportunities across all five boroughs.”

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