Breast health services in Bklyn: Woodhull Medical Center uses the latest treatments to help patients

Why We’re Pink

A multidisciplinary team of experts is fighting breast cancer at the Center for Cancer Care and Blood Disorders at Woodhull Medical Center, using the latest treatments and providing referrals to programs from the American Cancer Society.

State-of-the-art care, diagnostic, and screening services include:

• Breast surgery, breast oncology, and radiation oncology.

• Genetic counseling, palliative care, and nursing care.

• Nutrition, social work, patient navigation, and an Infusion Center.

• Mammograms, needle localization, and stereotactic biopsies.

• Breast ultrasound, breast biopsies, and nuclear medicine.

• MRI, bone density scans, X-ray imaging, and Positron Emission Tomography (PET scan).

Woodhull also holds weekly Tumor Board Discussions of all cancer cases in the hospital, assuring that all sub-specialty physician input and recommendations are properly executed according to the National Cancer Guidelines, said Dr. Tutu Aung-Hillman.

Woodhull’s collaboration with New York University is critical, said the attending physician.

“We are able to provide workshops on breast cancer detection and the latest treatment options for the disease,” said Dr. Behzad Doratotaj.