Brigands rob cabbie at knifepoint

61st Precinct

Sheepshead Bay—Homecrest—
Manhattan Beach—Gravesend


Two knaves robbed a cabbie at knifepoint on the corner of W. Eighth Street and Avenue V in Gravesend on Sept. 21.

The driver picked up the duo in Staten Island, but once they got into Brooklyn at 9:50 pm, one of the brigands put a blade to driver’s throat and told him to empty his pockets and get out of the car, police said.

The goons got away with an iPhone, cash, a Victoria’s Secret credit card, and the cabbie’s ride, a police report states.

College debt

A pair of punks who claimed to have a pistol stole a guy’s college tuition on E. 24th Street on Sept. 24.

One of the fiends went up to the guy near Avenue W in Sheepshead Bay at 3:50 pm and said “Don’t do nothing funny, I’ll shoot you,” a police report states.

The miscreant went through the guy’s pockets and backpack and took an iPhone, a debit card, some books, and the guy’s tuition check for Long Island University, police said.

Douse louse

A blackguard sprayed a woman in the face with an unknown substance and then tried to steal her purse on the corner of W. Third Street and Avenue Y in Gravesend on Sept. 25.

The guy came up behind her at 8:15 am and misted the miss with an unidentified liquid that burned her face, police said. The ogre tried wrestle her purse from her, but she resisted, and the coward ran, a police report states.


A trio of toughs mugged a guy with a plastic stick on Voorhies Avenue on Sept. 25.

The threesome surrounded the victim near E. 28th Street in Sheepshead Bay at 8 pm — one pushed him into a parked car while another hit him with a plastic stick, police said. The guy dropped his phone, at which point a third good-for-nothing grabbed it, and the three fled, a police report states.


A quartet of miscreants choked, cut, and robbed a guy in his car on Bragg Street on Sept. 25.

The victim was near Avenue Y in Sheepshead Bay driving to his friend’s house at 8:45 pm when a van pulled up behind him and four guys got out, police said.

The first reached through the victim’s window and started choking him while the other three went through the guy’s car, officials said. They took an envelope with $2,000 in it, and when the victim tried to fight back, three of the guys slashed him on his arms and face, a police report states. The fiends fled in the same van they drove up in, law enforcement sources said.

— Max Jaeger

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