Cat burglar lifts $14,159 jewels from Industry City


Sunset Park–Windsor Terrace

Jewel Heist!

A cat burglar made off with $14,159 worth of  jewels from a 35th Street department store on Dec. 7.

A business owner told cops she left her jewelry in a in a locked room near Second Avenue at around 6 pm, after closing her stand in a pop-up market for the night — but when she returned the next morning the jewels were gone. 

 Wild chase!

An unlicensed cab driver allegedly socked a police officer during a sting operation on Third Avenue on Dec. 3. 

An undercover cop hailed unlicensed cab near 19th street, when another cop pulled over the cabbie — who allegedly tried to flee on foot. When the plain-clothes officer tried stop the fleeing suspect, he allegedly punched the cop in the face. 

Hold up!

Two worms held a guy up on Eighth Avenue on Dec. 2.

The victim told cops he was leaving an internet cafe near 59th Street at around 11 pm, when the two goons stuck a gun-like object in his back and demanded he empty his pockets — before fleeing with the victims green card, social security card, and $300. 

Rude awakening

Cops cuffed a suspect for allegedly robbing his ex-girlfriend at an apartment on 31st Street on Dec. 9.

The victim told police that the suspect entered the victim’s room while she was sleeping near Third Avenue at around 6 am and allegedly began yelling at her, throwing things around, and hitting her. He then reportedly removed $3,000 and the victim’s cellphone from her jacket.

Cops showed up on the scene and cuffed the suspect on robbery charges, according to police reports.


Some weasel stole a guys car from Seeley Street on Nov. 29. 

The victim told cops he left his ride parked near Prospect Park Southwest, but when he came back at around 11:41 pm on Dec. 3, his car had vanished. 

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