Drugs for dogs! New Park Slope CBD vendor offers a whole line of pooch products.

Down boy! Tater can’t get enough of these bacon CBD treats.

That’s some good shih tzu!

Park Slope’s newest CBD retailer carries hemp-derived products tailor-made for man’s best friend — offering a natural way for nervous pups to wind down after a long day at the park, the store’s owner says. 

“They can benefit from the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD and also from the neuro-protective calming products of CBD,” said Dominique Pastorello. 

Your CBD Store, which opened this week on Fifth Avenue near Union Street offers several fido-oriented products, including dog treats and bacon and peanut butter flavored tincture oils. 

Pastorello says she’s already had a number of fuzzy customers patronize her pet-friendly store, which sells remedies for ailments including joint and muscle pain, seizures, and separation anxiety.

Zen: Rufus doesn’t have a care in the world thanks to his tincture oils. 

“We love meeting everybody’s animals,” Pastorello said. “The best thing about Park Slope is that everyone has a cute dog.” 

CBD, a derivative of hemp that does not contain THC — the ingredient in Marijuana that gets users “high” — has become massively popular in recent years. Users sing the praises of the hemp plant’s ability to relieve stress and pain, without any of the mind-altering effects of Marijuana, including paranoia, fatigue, and drowsiness. 

There is however no scientific evidence that cannabinoids helps dogs — or humans — and the Food and Drug Administration is yet to approve the substance for use in animals or people.  

Dogs are able to use CBD because pooches, like all mammals, have endocannabinoids in their brain, meaning that they react to cannabis products essentially the same way humans do.   

CBD is offered in many forms, including oils, beauty products, and vape cartridges, but pet products are among the fastest-growing CBD products, with sales expected to reach $125 million by 2022. 

Your CBD Store, a Florida based chain with over 600 locations, opened their Park Slope location this month — the first in the five boroughs. The store offers higher quality CBD products that have been tested by third party labs to make sure they’re safe for consumption.