Chilling artistic replicas of caged children pop up across the city

Artistic activism: A mysterious activist installed several installations around Brooklyn depicting children in cages to protest the handling of the immigration seekers on US southern border with Mexico.
Photo by Paul Martinka

Street art depicting children locked in cages popped up around Brooklyn on June 12, offering a harrowing critique of the US Government’s handling of undocumented immigrants crossing America’s southern border.

Confused: Police officers were puzzled to find the instillations, including one placed on Ninth Street in Park Slope on June 12.
Photo by Paul Martinka

One of the cages was installed on Ninth Street in Park Slope, just outside the YMCA frequented by six-foot five-inch presidential candidate Bill de Blasio, who strolled past the five-by-three foot instillation as he entered the gym just before 9 a.m.

Life-like: The installations depicted children sleeping under blankets inside of metal cages.
Photo by Paul Martinka

The chain-link cells, which featured signs reading “#NoKidsInCages,” were meant to bring attention to the family-separation policy employed by federal immigration officials since April 2018, according to the group behind the street-art project.

Harrowing: The instillation on Ninth Street depicts a young child with black hair and sneakers locked in a metal cage.
Photo by Paul Martinka

“Guerrilla installations popped up early this morning in NYC as protest to the more than 3,000 children separated from their parents at the border,” said RAICES in a June 12 tweet. “This is not history. This is happening now. #NoKidsInCages is about the children. We cannot be a nation that separates families.

Tossed: Police officers threw the instillations in the back of a sanitation truck to dispose of the activist work.
Photo by Paul Martinka

RAICES — Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services — is a Texas-based immigration legal services nonprofit organization, which provided an accompanying website to the 24 instillations, they used to blast the government’s policies cruel and unusual.

Buzzed: Authorities cut down the cages in an effort to dispose of the instillations.
Photo by Paul Martinka

“They live in cages. Sleep on the floor. They cry out and are not comforted. They’ve spent an average of 154 days away from their parents,” the group said. “Six children have died.”

2020 vision: Mayor Bill de Blasio walks past one of the cages as he enters the Park Slope YMCA just before 9 a.m..
Photo by Paul Martinka

The immigration organization urged federal legislators to support the “Keep Families Together Act” — a proposal first introduced by Rep. Jerry Nadler (D–Red Hook) in January. The bill aims to end the family-separation policy, which was presented by President Donald Trump as a “zero-tolerance” policy to deter illegal border crossings.

Police officers fanned out across the city, dismantling the cages within hours.

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