Compu-theft at Slope’s PS 107

Compu-served! City will replace PS 107’s stolen computers
The Brooklyn Paper / Bess Adler

Nearly 30 state-of-the-art laptop computers were stolen from a Park Slope elementary school over the weekend — and school parents are blaming construction workers who failed to secure the school while they made weekend renovations.

Parents at PS 107 on Eighth Avenue learned this week that someone entered the school after 7 am on Saturday and before 5:30 am on Monday and stole 29 Apple laptops.

A police source said that the century-old school building, which is undergoing a major restoration, was “open to anyone between those hours,” and that the alarm was not set, presumably to allow workers to do their job.

When students and teachers returned to work on Monday, they found a horrifying scene: the entire third floor had been ransacked and a computer cart was cracked open and empty.

“Who else are you going to blame but the contractor?” asked one parent. “Those workers have access to the whole building during the weekend.”

PS 107 Principal Cynthia Holton was particularly upset by the crime.

“It means that the kids aren’t going to have any computers to use,” she said. “We’re working on every way we can to replace them for next year.”

Komi Construction, the contractor working on the restoration of the building, did not return calls for comment.