Coney iPhone thief busted

Payback’s a bummer

A man held up multiple people at gunpoint for their cellphones on Bayview Avenue in June and July — before cops caught up with him.

Cops from the 60th Precinct said the 21-year-old suspect held up three people near W. 37th Street on June 30, ordering them to put their cellphones in a bag he was carrying.

He resurfaced on July 7, when he robbed two other men of their iPhones near the same street corner.

Cops arrested him a short time later — after he was caught trying to sell the iPhones on the street.

The thief admitted he stole the cellphones and resold them so he could pay back someone he owed money.

Television swipe

A thief crept into a Harway Avenue resident’s home on July 9, swiping a television set.

The victim told police that he left his home near Bay 49th Street at 11:30 am. When he returned at 10 pm, his television was gone.

Cops picked up the 14-year-old thief the next day — when the teen admitted that he took the television to pay off a drug debt.

Jumped on Bay Parkway

Four teenagers jumped another teen on Bay Parkway on July 5.

The victim was nearing 66th Street at 2:25 am when the suspects surrounded him and began calling him names.

One of the thugs threw a punch at the victim — which he ducked away from — then all suspects converged, leaving him battered and bruised.

The teens were arrested later that day.

Robbed at knifepoint

A blade-wielding thug jumped an 18-year-old on E. 21st Street on July 11, taking a $300 cellphone.

The victim was approaching Avenue V at 12:25 am when the suspect approached, flashed his weapon and demanded the phone.

Attacked on Harkness

Three thugs jumped a 17-year-old on Harkness Avenue on July 4, leaving the young man with two broken hands and a cut knee.

The victim, a Coney Island resident, was nearing Knapp Street at 9:30 pm when the suspect approached, threatening to “pop” him.

One of the thugs then asked a friend if he recognized the victim. When the other punk said he did, the suspects attacked, running off with his phone, iPod and $20.

No entry

A thief tried to force his way into a woman’s Batchelder Street apartment on July 8, but got arrested before he could step over the threshold.

The 53-year-old woman told police that the 22-year-old suspect followed her to her house near Avenue X at 10:20 pm. The thief tried to follow the woman inside, but she pushed him out, refusing entry.

She then called police, who arrested the 22-year-old for attempted robbery.

Car break-in

A thug broke into a 2004 Infiniti parked on E. 26th Street on July 7, taking a wallet left in the car’s glove box.

The victim parked her car near Emmons Avenue at 6:15 pm. When she returned to her car at 3 pm the next day, she learned that someone had rifled through her cabin.

Left beached

A thief scooped up a beachgoers stuff on Manhattan Beach on July 7 — leaving his victim high and dry.

Someone grabbed his clothes, jewelry, iPod and wallet that he left in a bag on the beach near Oriental Boulevard when he hit the surf with his friends around 4:30 pm.

What a snake!

A thief slipped his hand into a woman’s purse while she was riding the B1 bus through Gravesend on July 6, taking her wallet and iPhone.

The woman told police that she got on the bus outside of Coney Island Hospital, where she works, at about 5 pm. When she got off near the corner of Avenue X and Shell Road, she realized both her wallet and pricey Smartphone were missing.

— Thomas Tracy