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Some things are just too hot to handle. No one wants to rap their fists around a boiling pot or slap a bare foot down on scorching asphalt. But there are some things that are always better served hot – like a hot bargain. Sizzling savings are around every corner, and don’t worry you won’t have to work across a bed of burning coals to get to ‘em, all you have to do is read the Consumer Corner. Let’s see what out there this week.


Even in cash-strapped times there’s a need for beautiful little things. The Hutch, located at 8016 3rd Avenue specializes in beautiful little things. Whether it’s a gift for someone special or a keepsake for your very own, The Hutch is the place to find the exquisite. Crystal, fine china and giftware of all types and all variety are plentiful at The Hutch. Names like Waterford pour forth from their shelves, but the prices won’t soak your wallet. New designs and collections are arriving all the time, so if you haven’t been to The Hutch lately come on down and experience this very special shop for yourself.

Check out The Hutch online at www.thehutchinc.net or call 718-748-4574.


Yeah, with gas prices like these the only folks smiling are those oily petro-giants with their creepy Dick Cheney smiles. It’s still summertime, and if you have managed to keep enough gas in your tank you might want to give your ride at least one really good wash this season.

Vegas Auto Spa, located at 555 7th Avenue promises “The Highest Quality Car Wash in Brooklyn.” Don’t believe it? Well, come on down and check ‘em out for yourself. Platinum express packages start at just $3.69.

If you really want to go all out, you can choose Vegas Auto Spa’s “Extreme Jackpot” full service package that include under carriage blast, double body bath, hand toweling wet wax and more for just $8.77.

The Vegas Auto Spa is under new management so come on down and experience the difference. Call them today at 718-768-9274.


What’s more Brooklyn than a bagel? Well, did you know that not all bagels are made on the premises? Shocking but true, more than a few bagel merchants in this borough try to sell you bagels that are shipped in. Fortunately, that’s not the case at excellent shops like the Bagel Villa located at 7221 5th Avenue.

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