Cops: Brutes brutalize man for iPhone

68th Precinct

Bay Ridge—Dyker Heights

Phone fight

Three goons pummeled a Bay Ridge man for his iPhone in front of his building on Bay Ridge Parkway on Sept. 23, police report.

The victim said that he was in front of his home between Narrows Avenue and Colonial Road at 2:50 am when the thugs came up behind him and started punching him the face. The jerks then took his iPhone 4 and fled in an unknown direction.

Burglar on the roof

A crook forced open the rooftop door of a Dyker Heights woman’s 77th Street house on Sept. 14 and made off with $17,000 in jewelry, cops say.

The victim reported that sometime between 12:01 am and 4 pm the jerk got on the roof of her partially detached house between 10th and 11th avenues, broke open the roof door, and swiped her $2,000 wedding ring, two more rings worth $1,000 a piece, a $12,500 charm bracelet, and a $500 gold chain.

Textbook criminal

A creep swiped $809 in loot — including several chemistry books and a lab coat — from the car of woman shopping at the Walgreens on Third Avenue on Sept. 17, according to cops.

The victim told cops she left her car in the pharmacy parking lot between 94th and 95th streets at 5:30 pm and came back out 20 minutes later to find her $250 texts and $50 white jacket — along with her $399 iPad, wallet, and $80 bookbag — missing.

Cellar stormed

A crook pried open the basement door of a 77th Street house and stole $5,000 of the owner’s cash and jewelry on Sept. 22, police say.

The victim reported that he left his house at 6 pm and returned at 10:20 pm to see that someone had forced his basement entrance and ransacked the house.

Wrong game

A bat-toting brute brutalized four Bensonhurst men in a dispute over a Cropsey Avenue basketball court on Sept. 17, according to police.

The victims said they were shooting hoops on the blacktop near Bay Eighth Street at 7 pm when the slugger-armed thug and his buddies stepped onto the court and began terrorizing them.

“You don’ t know who you’re messing with,” the big stick-wielding goon said before swinging for the fences — and breaking one man’s nose, bashing another man on the temple, whacking another on the back, and smashing another’s elbow, police reported.

— Will Bredderman

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