Cops colllect gun cache

Prosecutors are challenging the sanity of an eccentric Sheepshead Bay “gun collector” arrested Friday for amassing over 30 firearms in his West Street apartment.

The Kings County District Attorney’s office said on Tuesday that 57-year-old Thomas Siano was released on his own recognizance so he could take part in a court-ordered competency exam.

Ironically, his wife Kathleen, 58, and son Vincent, 29, were both arraigned on $100,000 bail while Siano was sent home, even though its believed that he was the one who turned their home between avenues W and X — right across the street from PS 216 — into one big gun vault.

The stress was apparently too much for Kathleen, who reportedly had a seizure right before seeing the judge.

Working off a tip, members of the 61st Precinct Intelligence Division executed a search warrant on the home late Friday night, recovering 10 handguns, two assault rifles, nine shotguns and nine rifles.

Cops also found an assortment of other weapons, including two air guns, an umbrella with a dagger hidden inside, a sword, a machete, a hunting knife and three daggers. A bottle filled with Xanax, Paxil and Prozac was also found.

All of the weapons were brought back to the 61st Precinct to be catalogued as evidence.

Attempts to reach Siano’s attorney were unsuccessful as this paper went to press.

Michael Poole, 29, a neighboring tenant and family friend who was arrested with the Siano’s Friday — although the charges against him were later dropped — told reporters that Siano liked to dabble in odd and antique weaponry. Siano wasn’t planning to use the weapons on anyone, he claimed. Another neighbor said that Siano liked to collect old coins as well.

The Sianos were charged with criminal possession of a weapon in the first degree, a felony, several minor weapons charges, the selling or possession of air pistols, criminal possession of a loaded rifle, and possession of pistol ammunition.

The elder Siano was also slapped with a misdemeanor narcotics charge for the Xanax pills, prosecutors said.

If convicted of the top count, the three could face a maximum of 25-years in prison, officials said.

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