Cops: Man beat other man for his hat

94th Precinct


Hat stolen

A bully offering a compliment about another man’s style apparently thought it looked better on him when he stole his hat on Lorimer Street on Aug. 24, police who arrested him claim.

A man told police he was sitting on a bench near Nassau Avenue at 1 am when the bully told him he had a “nice hat,” and then pulled the hat off of his head. When the man tried to get his hat back, the two struggled and the tough kicked the man in the head and neck. The victim was treated at the scene but refused to be taken to the hospital. A 19-year-old man was arrested for the crime.

Attempted phone theft

Two cowards tried to steal a phone from a man who was sending an e-mail on Nassau Avenue on Aug. 27.

The would-be victim told police that he was near Dobbins Street at 7 pm when two teenagers rode up on BMX bikes and tried to grab the phone out of his hand, saying “Give me the phone, a——.” But the victim refused to let go and the would-be thieves fled on their bikes.

Police officer assaulted

Cops arrested a 26-year-old man who they say threw keys at an officer on Meserole Avenue on Aug. 24.

Police say the officer was between Lorimer Street and Manhattan Avenue at 1:30 am with other cops when the man started arguing with them and refused to leave. The man then threw the keys at one of the officers, striking him on the right arm and causing bruising, swelling, and pain, reported police. The man then tried to resist arrest, police said, and was charged with assault.

Apartment burglarized

Someone came in through a woman’s unlocked bedroom window in her Java Street apartment on Aug. 19 — and left with her iPad and some jewelry.

The victim told police that a thief entered her apartment between Franklin Street and Manhattan Avenue sometime between 9 am and noon via her fire escape, and stole her iPad, eyeglasses, earrings, and diamond bracelet.

He tried to steal a taxi ride

Police arrested a man who they say tried to pay for a cab ride on Metropolitan Avenue on Aug. 26 with a stolen credit card.

The taxi driver told police he became suspicious of his fare when he learned the man tried to pay for his ride with a stolen card between Lorimer Street and Union Avenue at 4:50 am. Police said they called the owner of the card, who told them the card was stolen.

The 28-year-old man was arrested and charged with grand larceny.

— Danielle Furfaro

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