Cops: Slasher attacks man on E. 26th St

Goon robs woman on city bus

61st Precinct

Sheepshead Bay—Homecrest—
Manhattan Beach—Gravesend


A knife-wielding psycho slashed a man on his cheek in an attempt to rob him on E. 26th Street on Aug. 23.

The victim told police that he was near Avenue U at 1:30 am when the thug came out of nowhere and slashed his face. The goon demanded cash, but the victim fled, with the perp slashing at his back in pursuit. The victim managed to evade the crazed slasher, but not before his shirt was cut to ribbons in the escape.

Bad mama

A thief burglarized a woman’s Ocean Avenue apartment on Aug. 24 — taking more than $23,000 worth of property.

The victim told police that she was sleeping in her home between Gravesend Neck Road and Avenue W at 1 pm. She said she heard the crook enter through the front door, but thought it was her mother coming home and went back to sleep. When she finally woke up, she discovered $9,000, a $6,000 Rolex watch, and an $8,000 engagement ring had been taken, cops said.

Safe specialist

A crook pilfered a man’s E. 19th Street apartment on Aug. 23, taking $2,000.

The victim told police that the crook entered his home between Avenues X and Y sometime after 9 am, heading straight for a safe in the apartment. Without having to force it open, the crook managed to unlock the safe and remove the cash, cops said.

Masked and gloved

A crook burglarized a man’s Kings Highway business on Aug. 22, taking $5,550 from the cash register.

Video surveillance shows a thief entering the store between McDonald Avenue and E. Second Street through a rear door at 3:27 am, fully masked and gloved.

He’ll slice anybody

A knife-wielding thug robbed a man inside an Avenue X apartment on Aug. 13.

The victim told police that he was walking up the stairs of the building between Coyle and Bragg streets at 3 pm when the goon approached him with the knife.

“Give me the money and your phone,” he croaked. “I slice people for less than this.”

After taking the victim’s valuables, the crook fled to the roof, cops said.

Photographer thief

A crook took cash and a camera from a man’s E. 14th Street apartment on Aug. 21.

The victim told police that he left his apartment between Kings Highway and Avenue R to go to work at 9:15 am, and returned at around 3:30 pm to find his front door busted in. Looking around, he found that $2,000 and a $600 Nikon Camera were gone, cops said.

Clothing crook

A thief burglarized a woman’s Avenue W apartment sometime between Aug. 17 and 20 — taking her TV and clothes.

The victim told police that she left her apartment between Nostrand Avenue and Batchelder Street at 3 pm that Friday, and returned on Monday to find her TV missing and her bedroom closet pilfered.


Two thugs attacked and robbed a woman of her purse and cellphone on Ford Street on Aug. 23.

The victim told police that she was near Avenue U at 9:45 pm when the crooks attacked. One of them punched her in the face, sending her flying to the ground, while the other goon snatched up her pocketbook and phone, cops said.

Positive ID

Cops arrested a 20-year-old man for robbing another man of $20 on Avenue T on Aug. 23.

The victim told police that he was near Stuart Street at 12:50 pm when the suspect asked him for some money. The victim declined, saying he didn’t have any change to spare, and the suspect put his hand behind his back, menacingly.

“I’m not afraid of you, or the police. I will hurt you,” he allegedly snarled. The victim then handed over $20, and the man fled, but was later picked up by police and identified by the victim, police said.

— Colin Mixson

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