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Cops: Suspect attacks man over the price of a belt

62nd Precinct

Bensonhurst—Bath Beach

What a waste

Cops collared a suspect who they say smashed a beer bottle over another man’s head inside a 14th Avenue apartment during a dispute over the sale of a belt on May 25.

The victim told police that he and the accused were negotiating the sale of his belt at 5 am inside the residence between 65th and 66th streets. The man in custody allegedly became enraged over the price the victim asked for the strap, and reportedly cracked him on the brain-case with the glass container.

Dollar bill, y’all

A brute battered a man for a single dollar on Cropsey Avenue on May 28, police reported.

The victim said the attacker — an acquaintance of his — came up to him near Bay 28th Street at 10:30 pm and asked for money. When the victim took out his wallet, with the one buck inside, the assailant reportedly grabbed it away from him — then shoved him to the ground and began punching him. The scoundrel then scrammed in an unknown direction, according to law enforcement officials.


A bandit held a knife to a woman’s neck and stole her bag on 67th Street on May 29, according to cops.

The victim said she was near 18th Avenue at 3:20 am on her way home when the villain grabbed her from behind, held a blade to her windpipe, and ordered her to drop her purse.

The woman then told him she had no money, managed to pull away, and ran down 18th Avenue with the goon in pursuit, officers stated. A driver spotted the pair and got out of his car, forcing the fiend to flee, a report said.

Eye for an eye

Authorities arrested a woman who they say poked her 97-year-old mother in the eye and twisted her arm inside a Bay 19th Street apartment on May 23.

The victim told police that her 59-year-old daughter jabbed her in the pupil and yanked her appendage inside the residence between 86th Street and Benson Avenue at 10 am, causing pain, redness, and a slight abrasion.


A crazy couple attacked a man and his car with a baseball bat and threatened him with a gun after a honking dispute at the corner of Bath and 14th avenues on May 27, police stated.

The victim said he honked his horn at the pair while they were inside their vehicle ahead of him for not moving fast enough at 12:10 am. The pair got out, the woman carrying a Louisville Slugger, and the man holding a black firearm.

The femme fatale struck the victim on the back, then hit his driver’s-side door and smashed his mirror, a report sai. The male then threatened him with a firearm before the two got back in their car and drove off, cops said.

— Will Bredderman

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