Cops ticket ‘ticket-fighting’ car

Cops ticket ‘ticket-fighting’ car
Photo by Paul Martinka

Someone call the irony police: a sports utility vehicle covered in ads for a company that specializes in fighting parking tickets got a parking ticket of its own in Kensington on Aug. 9.

The sports utility vehicle, which was summonsed for ignoring alternate-side rules near McDonald Avenue and Fort Hamilton Parkway, is a rolling advertisement for www.wefighttickets.com.

“Got a ticket? Fight it and win it,” is written on all sides of the Nissan vehicle, along with the company’s web address and Manhattan phone number.

Passers-by could only laugh.

“I love it,” said one resident, who wished not to divulge his name. “ ‘Fight a ticket’ got a ticket!”

That’s not entirely accurate. The car itself is not owned by the ticket-busting company — so the firm’s owner wasn’t gearing up to battle the $45 summons.

“We paid for the advertisement, but it’s somebody else’s car,” said Michael Gross.

Gross couldn’t say how many motorists currently have their cars plastered with his ads, and the owner of the car in question could not be reached, but it’s a growing trend.

Gross added that most of wefighttickets.com’s business comes from large commercial accounts, although the company does handle individual cases when called upon. As such, his company will fight the ticket if the sports utility owner enlists the service, which charges a small fee if the case is won.

“I hope he has our number,” Gross joked.

Oh, the irony! A car advertising a law firm that proudly boasts that it will fight your parking ticket and win in court got a ticket at the corner of McDonald Avenue and Fort Hamilton Parkway in Kensington.
Photo by Paul Martinka