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Cower-dy Arabia! Saudis in a falafel over 9-11 bill

Nearly 3,000 people died in four separate attacks on 9-11, and the subsequent, $1.7 trillion war on terror has killed more than twice as many Americans and brought us to the brink of a global apocalypse.

But 15 years later, only one man is doing time for the crime, Americans are still in the dark about history’s worst international terrorist attack, and 28 pages of a congressional report suspected of implicating the Saudis remain censored. Now the birthplace of Islam — where women are oppressed, atheists are flogged, and “Chop Chop Square” in the capital flows with the blood of public beheadings — is threatening payback if Congress passes a bill allowing 9-11 families to sue international terror mongers.

The Saudis should be worried, because their connection to the mass murder has been there from day one:

• Osama bin Laden was a Saudi, as were 15 of the 19 hijackers.

• A Saudi family connected to then-King Fahd fled mysteriously from its luxury Florida digs two weeks before the attacks, leaving behind a driveway full of cars and a fridge full of food.

• Zacarias Moussaoui, the only person convicted of 9-11, testified in court he was a courier between Osama bin Laden and the Saudi royals. He also claimed top-ranking Saudi officials and members of the Saudi royal family directly funded al Qaeda.

The Saudi government claims to be a U.S. ally, but it has spent billions of dollars exporting Wahhabism — a strict form of Islam that birthed Osama, the Taliban, and the Islamic State — and lived up to bin Laden’s wish for financial jihad against America with an estimated $800 billion in U.S. holdings it now threatens to dump. It is also a hypocrite, condemning the Paris terrorists who slaughtered “Charlie Hebdo” cartoonists for insulting Islam, and a day later flogging a free-speech blogger in public for the same crime.

Families of 9-11 victims deserve to know if terror brokers in Islam’s birthplace helped to plot and fund the slaughter of their loved ones, who went to work that sunny Tuesday never to return home.

If the Saudis are innocent, why are they getting their robes in a twist?

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