Crooks rob cabbie on E. 52nd Street

63rd Precinct

Marine Park—Mill Basin—Flatlands—Bergen Beach


Two crooks robbed a cabbie with a simulated gun on E. 52nd Street on March 27, taking $35 and his cellphone.

The victim told police that he dropped the thieves off near Avenue U at 5:45 pm, where one of the crooks mimed a firearm and took the driver’s valuables.

Playground punks

Cops arrested four thieves for allegedly robbing a 13-year-old boy inside an Avenue N playground on March 28.

The victim told police that he was in the playground near E. 66th Street at 5:45 pm when the four crooks sorrounded him and took his Wildfire cellphone.

Geriatric attack

A female thug brutally assaulted a 79-year-old woman inside her E. 60th Place home on March 28.

The victim told police that she was inside her home between Strickland and Mill avenues at 4:30 pm when the goon forced her to the ground and began choking her.


A shoe-wielding thug attacked an 11-year-old boy on E. 55th Street on March 29.

The victim told police he was between Avenues K and L at 5:30 pm when the woman began beating him in the face and body with her footwear.

Gadget thief

A thief robbed a Kings Highway home on March 26, taking electronics and jewerly.

The victim told police that he left his house near E. 41st Street at around noon, and returned later only to find his front door ajar and his laptop, camera, hard drive, and various jewerly missing.

Gamer goon

A crook robbed an E. 59th Street apartment on March 30, taking a video game system.

The victim told police that the thief entered the apartment between Avenues L and M by picking the lock on the front door sometime after 6:40 pm, and took off with the Nintendo Wii.

Hot thief

A thief broke into an Avenue T business and took the air conditioner on March 24.

Police said the crook entered the store between E. 58th and E. 59th streets by cutting a hole through the property’s fence sometime after 11 pm, and made off with the appliance.

Well groomed

A shoplifter made off with more than $2,600 worth of razors from a Ralph Avenue pharmacy on March 31.

The crook entered the drugstore between E. 65th and E. 66th streets at around 11:15 am and left with hundreds of the grooming devices.

Quick-fingered thief

A pickpocket nabbed a man’s cellphone on Avenue U on March 30.

The victim told police that he was near Flatbush Avenue at around 5:30 pm when the thief reached his slippery fingers into his back pocket and took the phone.

Bad biker

A crook nabbed a man’s unattended bicycle inside of a Flatbush Avenue business on Feb. 21.

The victim told police that he’d left his bike in the store near Hendrickson Place at around 10 am, and returned later to find his foot-powered vehicle missing.

— Colin Mixson

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