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Dangerous fireworks

To The Editor:

As we prepare to enter the summer season, the July 4th holiday is fast approaching, and firework prevention is a major initiative in keeping our communities safe.

As many of you know the use, illegal fireworks injure many and can permanently disfigure those who use them. In an effort to avert such incidents the police department would like to get the word out that fireworks are illegal and dangerous and to that end, the department has distributed posters and flyers to highlight the dangers of the use of fireworks and phone numbers that can be utilized to report illegal sales of such items.

Please rest assured that those who use or distribute these dangerous items will be arrested.

The mayor and Police Commissioner Kelly have announced that penalties, ranging from a $750 fine to the repossession of the violator’s vehicle, could be imposed. Please contact 911 for crimes in progress, or 311 for information regarding illegal fireworks, or call your community affairs officers in your local precinct if you have any information that can aid us in this effort to prevent firework injuries.

The mayor and Police Commissioner Kelly have also stated that there is a $1,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of a fireworks violator.

For further information visit www.nyc.gov/nypd. Thank you for helping us in this endeavor and have a safe and fun summer.

Assistant Chief Joseph Fox

Patrol Borough Brooklyn South

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