Disgruntled auto supply grunt sticks up his old workplace

90th Precinct


Fake gun, real robbery

A former employee of a Devoe Street auto supply shop robbed the store while simulating that he had a gun on Feb. 23, cops said.

Workers told police that their former colleague barged into the store between Catherine Street and Morgan Avenue at 3:25 pm with his hand in his right pocket to look like a pistol.

“Where’s the cash?” the disgruntled goon supposedly said.

The bandit grabbed cash out of the safe, then walloped a staffer in the face and grabbed half of his necklace, cops said. He jumped into a waiting black Lincoln Town Car and peeled out, cops said.

Posse’s on Broadway

Five galoots stabbed and beat a young man in front of a fast food joint on Broadway on Feb. 23, cops said.

A witness reported seeing the group of louts surround the victim and start wailing on him in front of the patty palace between Whipple and Thornton streets at 6:59 pm. The goons kept pummeling the victim until he fell, cops said. The unlucky sap sustained a cut to the back of his head and two large stab wounds to his lower back, police stated. Emergency services took the victim to Bellevue Hospital, according to authorities.

Rock and roll theft

Someone stole a woman’s purse after she left it behind the bar of a rock club on Grand Street on Feb. 23, according to police.

The victim said she left her purse behind the bar of the club between Roebling Street and Driggs Avenue from 12:30 am to 1:30 am while she partied. When she went to retrieve it she found the purse, which contained her iPhone, credit card, drivers license, and $43 in cash, missing, cops said.


A gang of tough guys chased down a teenager who dared to cut through a public housing development on Manhattan Avenue on Feb. 22, beating him and stealing his phone and new clothes, according to authorities.

The victim told police he was walking home from the L train at 2:50 pm when he decided to take the shortcut between Varet and Moore streets. As he was walking, a group of about 10 fiends called to him, then chased him when he kept walking, bashing him in the head and grabbing his cellphone, police stated. The teen ran to his house and the crew followed and proceeded to steal his bag of fresh apparel and threaten to kill him before he was finally able to duck inside, police said.

Turnstile thumper

A maniac attacked a police officer when he tried to arrest her for jumping a turnstile on Feb. 21, cops said.

The 25-year-old wild woman skipped the payment machine at the Metropolitan Avenue G station at 2:40 am, according to the authorities. A cop witnessed the jump and tried to cuff the scofflaw, but she slipped away and, when he pursued, she punched, kicked, and bit the officer, he said. The suspect was charged with felony assault.

Kidnap con

A gullible man sent $1,400 to Puerto Rico on Feb. 20 when an unknown caller told him that his father had been kidnapped, police said.

The victim said he was in his art studio on Meadow Street between Bogart Street and Morgan Avenue at 2:40 pm when he got a call saying that his father was in a car accident and was being held for ransom. The voice on the phone said to send $1,400 for his release, police reported. The 30-year-old mark sent the money to a woman in Puerto Rico through Western Union, then called his dad and learned he was never in a car accident, was never kidnapped, and was fine, according to a report. The victim lost a total of $1,526 including surcharges, cops said.

— Danielle Furfaro

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