Drinking in some great art

Drunken drunk: Now this is drunken art like it oughta be! Legendary inebriant Sam Crees created this piece, “In the Alley,” during one of his own drinking bouts.
Sam Crees

For all of you who have looked at a piece of modern art and muttered, “My kid could do that,” boy, do we have an art show for you.

Curator Peter Teraberry’s Museum of Drunken Art — now at Sputnik in Clinton Hill — contains pieces that your kid could not do (unless he has a booze problem, but then we would be calling Protective Services, not writing an art story).

Teraberry is a master of this most-underappreciated art form, using alcohol to bring out the essential creepiness of life in a materialistic America. But fewer drunken artists are better than Sam Crees, whose muse may be killing his brain cells, but it’s also aiding his genius. When intoxicated, Crees uses an angry cartoony approach (check out his “Gangster Nixon” or his pig-faced “Puritan” on Teraberry’s Web site).

“Sam really captures the spirit of drunken art,” Teraberry said. “Though for the life of me, I can’t tell you what that is.”

Spoken like a great drunken artist.

Drunken art at Sputnik [262 Taaffe Pl. at DeKalb Avenue in Clinton Hill, (718) 398-6666], now through February. For info, themuseumofdrunkenart.blogspot.com.

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