DUMBO designers: Watch out for the triple bandits!

DUMBO designers: Watch out for the triple bandits!

A trio of brazen thieves stole tech toys from a DUMBO office building last week, prompting the victims — who say the landlord is trying to keep the crimes quiet — to make their own “Wanted” fliers.

The owner of a video production studio on Jay Street said that the sneaky culprits walked in at 6:55 pm last Tuesday, saying they needed editing help. One of the crooks cornered an employee, while the other two snatched a MacBook and expensive camera.

“They snooped around and cased everyone’s place on this floor,” said the videographer, who asked not to be named so he’s not robbed of any more equipment. “The building manager didn’t tell anyone that this happened — there should be fliers everywhere!”

So the angry tenant posted his own “Wanted” sketch with images from surveillance footage, but building’s management tore them down.

In fact, the landlord never warned other artists of the recent swindles.

“We gave police the video tape — there’s no need for those fliers to be posted on the walls,” said one gruff manager, who refused to comment further.

Before the thieves looted the film house, they entered a photography studio down the hall and asked about the pricing. The shop caught it all on the security camera — showing three 20-something men donning black shirts and Yankees baseball caps.

“They weren’t that menacing,” said a photo employee, who got a phony name and number from one of the scammers. “But the way they were positioned at opposite ends of the room — I knew something wasn’t kosher.”

The photographer said that the scoundrels asked for some Kit Kat bars from the candy dish, but left without stealing anything.

Tenants are worried that the nine-floor building housing art and design firms has become open territory for sticky fingers because it’s open 24-7 and unlocked.

But such thefts aren’t uncommon in the neighborhood. Over the last two months, burglars hit at least six DUMBO firms — including last week, when they swiped four laptops from a Washington Street studio.

“Our building is inviting for artists but it’s also inviting for criminals who prey on them,” said the photographer. “We’re going to post more fliers on everyone’s doors tomorrow.”

Anyone with information should call NYPD’s Crime Stoppers Hotline at (800) 577-8447 or visit www.nypdcrimestoppers.com.

Reach Kate Briquelet at [email protected] or by calling her at (718) 260-2511.

The DUMBO firm that was said it was targeted by thieves on Tuesday made “Wanted” posters to warn other tenants in its Jay Street building. Just don’t dial 911 with information.