East New York mom of two trailblazes successful boozy-baking business

East New Yorker Danesha Lynch, pictured here with CBS weekend morning anchor Cindy Hsu, turned $35 into a successful boozy baking company.
Photo courtesy of Danesha Lynch

If it can be baked, this East New Yorker will put booze in it!

A Kings County mother of two has become a smashed hit selling handmade cookies, cakes, and confections pumped full of tasty liquor, and the baker claims there’s nothing she can’t spike to perfection!

“Anything that can be infused, I can do,” said Danesha Lynch, who founded Drunkn Shots catering company in 2017.

Lynch slings saucy sweets like cheesecake, ice cream, gummy worms, lollipops, and her specialty banana pudding — which can be ordered with or without an infusion of alcohol — to customers who order through the company’s Facebook and Instagram pages. 

The young mother moved to East New York and decided to pursue her passion for cooking — buying baking ingredients in bulk with her last $35.60. 

“With my older son, I couldn’t afford cupcakes and I couldn’t afford to go to the nicest shops to buy cupcakes, so I decided to learn how to make them on my own,” said Lynch. “That’s how I started — my last $35…I didn’t have anything left.” 

The upstart soon hit it big when, after months of messaging dessert recipes to “Good Morning America” co-host Robin Roberts, the morning show personality invited her on to feature her booze-filled goodies. 

“I started DMing her every week with a new recipe,” said Lynch. “I kept determined to keep going with her — and then one day, she said ‘I want you in a segment.”

Lynch credits the television segment — which led to dozens of orders, and appearances on other programs, like Dr. Oz — with kickstarting her business, and making her intoxicating dreams come true! 

“And that was it, that’s how my life started,” she said. 

Through a collaboration with Shea Shea Bakery skincare, Lynch’s specialty sweets can be purchased as candles that look and smell like the real treat.