Finally, a happy hour for parents

Finally, a happy hour for parents
Photo by Stefano Giovannini

Have a kid, and save on beer!

A Clinton Hill bar is giving haggard parents (is there any other kind?) a chance to drink on the cheap, as long as they can prove that they’ve reproduced.

The Bedford Hill Coffee Bar on Franklin Avenue at Greene Avenue offers a parents-only happy hour special on Saturday nights featuring a dollar off every drink for every kiddlywink you’ve made.

Not surprisingly, parents are saying it’s a score.

“Being a parent is very rewarding, but it also consumes everything,” said Maren Harper, who lives in the neighborhood with her husband, Peter and her 11-month-old son Rowan. “So it’s nice to be able to step away and enjoy a beverage and enjoy them from afar for a moment.”

Bedford Hill owner Allison Stuart said she hit on the idea of giving people-makers a deal after noticing a boom in children in the neighborhood — and hearing their parents complain about them.

“One night, there was a dad in here and another couple, and they were all talking about how hard it was to raise kids,” said Stuart. “That’s when I decided we needed to have some kind of happy hour for parents.”

Stuart has been running the promotion since the summer, and asks only that breeders bring in pictures of their kids to earn the discount, so you don’t have to belly-up with your baby to save.

“How else are you going to prove you have kids, unless you bring in your kid?” said Stuart. “And that defeats the purpose of happy hour.”

Happy hour for parents at Bedford Hill Coffee Bar [343 Franklin Ave. at Greene Avenue in Clinton Hill, (718) 636-7650 bedfordhillbrooklyn.com]. Saturdays from 8 pm through 11 pm.

Peter and Maren Harper get discounts on beer thanks to their son Rowan and the Bedford Hill Coffee Bar’s happy hour for parents.
Photo by Stefano Giovannini