Fishy thief steals $77,000 worth of seafood!

90th Precinct


Surf’s up

That’s a lot of clams!

A fishy thief stole $77,000 worth of shrimp and salmon from a Metropolitan Avenue seafood store.

The proprietor of DZH Import and Export told cops that he locked up his store at 5 pm on Feb. 20, but when he returned at 11:30 am the next day, he saw that 720 boxes of seafood — approximately 15,500 pounds of shrimp and 3,300 pounds of salmon — were missing.

Group effort

Four teenage thugs beat up a woman and stole her purse on Orient Avenue on Feb. 20.

The victim told police she left the L-train station and was near Graham Avenue at 10:20 pm when the bullies surrounded her. One pulled her ponytail, bringing her to the ground, while the others started to punch and kick her, knocking off her glasses.

An accomplice grabbed her purse, and the group ran away.

Double team

A sleazy perp stole $70 from a woman in the Flushing Avenue J train station on Feb. 24.

The victim told police she was entering the turnstile near Broadway, when a man tried to double up with her and said, “Do you know that you are gorgeous?”

The woman pushed the creep away, but he had already reached into her purse and grabbed the cash.

Fun synagogue

Two unholy thieves stole $800, four bottles of brandy, and a carton of cigarettes from a Gerry Street synagogue on Feb. 25.

A witness said that perps broke into the synagogue’s basement at 1:10 am, grabbed the cash, smokes, and booze, and left at 1:36 am.

Gun punch

A thief tried to rob a woman on the Williamsburg Bridge footpath on Feb. 22, but punched her in the face instead.

The victim told police she was near S. Fifth Street at 6:05 pm when the perp approached her, showed her a gun, and said, “Give me your phone and your bag.”

The victim refused, so the perp punched her and then ran toward Bedford Avenue.

Phone theft

A thief stole an iPhone from a woman on the Queens-bound J train at Hewes Street on Feb. 21.

The victim told police she was sitting on the train and texting with her phone at 5:20 pm when the perp grabbed the phone and fled out of the train.

She chased him out of the station toward Broadway but lost sight of him.

Purse snatch

A thief stole a woman’s purse on Manhattan Avenue on Feb. 22.

The victim told police that the man approached her near Scholes Street at 11:20 pm and wrestled her for her purse, cutting her right knee in the scuffle.

McKibbin MacBook

A thief stole a computer and iPod from a McKibbin Street apartment on Feb. 22.

The tenant told police that she went to sleep at midnight, but when she woke up, she saw her property was missing.

Disappearing Honda

A thief stole a Honda parked on S. First Street overnight on Feb. 24.

The driver said he parked his car near Hooper Street at 6 pm, but when he returned at 9:45 am the next day, it was gone.

Semi stolen

A thief stole a semi truck parked on Metropolitan Avenue.

The driver said he parked his vehicle near Grand Street on Feb. 20 at 2:30 pm, but when he returned at 4:30 am the next day, he saw the truck was missing, but the trailer it had been attached to was left at the location.

Honda grabbed

A thief stole a Honda parked on Union Avenue.

The driver told cops he parked his car near S. First Street on Feb. 20 at 10:30 am, but when he returned at 8:45 am the next day, the car was missing.

Motorcycle moved

A thief stole a motorcycle parked on Graham Avenue on Feb. 22.

The driver told police he parked his chopper near Devoe Street at 2:20 pm, but when he returned an hour later, it was gone.

— Aaron Short