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For these flu-fighting girls, the nose knows

Feelin’ swine: Park Slope elementary school kids Addie Lovell (left) and Jane Kuntzman did not like the through-the-nose swine flu inoculation. As such, they posed pointing at their noses.
The Brooklyn Paper / Julie Rosenberg

Many of us are reading about the H1N1 virus and local inoculation efforts. But so few of us are getting actual accounts of the process from actual 8-year-old girls. So, finally, The Brooklyn Paper offers this first-hand telling of the trauma of the H1N1 nasal injection.

The vacuum pump

Have you ever gotten a shot? How about up your nose?

All of us had gotten needles before, and we definitely didn’t like them. So most of our classmates were relieved to hear that we would be getting the flu shot with a nose pump.

But we didn’t like it. While we were on line waiting for our shot, we felt like we were waiting on line for a spanking. It was worse watching all the other kids come out from the office with their red faces and their eyes watering.

Then it was our turn. The pump felt like getting water up your nose — except the water doesn’t come out!

All the other kids were saying that they were relieved, but we were not! The pump was crazy. Yes, we were happy that it was over. But then they told us the bad news: We get another shot in four weeks.

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