Fort Greene still really unsafe

88th Precinct

Fort Greene–Clinton Hill

¡Ay caramba!

Two robbers mugged a woman and took her iPhone on Ashland Place on Sept. 26.

The victim told cops that she was walking her dog between DeKalb and Fulton avenues at 6:05 pm when the duo of thugs approached from behind and one said, “Give me that f—king phone!” before grabbing it.

Van stolen

A thief stole a van on Willoughby Avenue last week.

The victim parked between Waverly and Clinton avenues on Sept. 24 at about 2 pm and returned two days later to find his Chevrolet Express, along with his cellphone, camera and credit card, gone.

Sick thief

A jerk stole money and cars from a patient at Brooklyn Hospital on Sept. 26 on DeKalb Avenue.

The victim was using the bathroom inside the facility on Ashland Place at around 1 pm when she heard the sneak going through her purse. He got away with her pocketbook and several credit cards.

Subway swipe

Two thugs snatched an iPod at the Clinton-Washington Avenue train station on Sept. 26.

The victim was near the G-train station at Lafayette and Washington avenues at 5:07 pm when the two jerks came from behind.

“Give up your iPod unless you want to die,” one of them threatened before swiping it.

The duo got away.

Bag intentions

A pair of thieves stole a man’s messenger bag on Sept. 26 on Emerson Place.

The victim told cops that he was near Willoughby Avenue at 10:55 pm when he was surrounded by two men. The first thief displayed a handgun, while the second one said, “You don’t want to die for your bag.”

It was true, as the man handed over his bag, containing his iPhone and his credit cards. The crooks fled on bicycles.

Schoolhouse rocked

A jerk stole a teen’s iPod Touch on St. Felix Street on Sept. 27.

The 14-year-old victim told cops that he was between Lafayette Avenue and Hanson Place at 3:30 pm when four thugs approached him, grabbed his arm and punched him in the stomach. One of the thugs then grabbed the victim’s iPod, and all four ran away.

Teen scream

Two crooks stole a cellphone from a teenager on Clinton Avenue on Sept. 28.

A 14-year-old girl near Park Avenue at 3:45 pm when the derelict duo approached.

“I’m gonna punch you in the face if you don’t give me something!” one said before the second thief took the cellphone.


A brute stole a man’s iPad on Gates Avenue on Sept. 29 — but he didn’t get far with the so-called “God tablet,” cops said.

The victim was walking while using the large device between Waverly Avenue and St. James Place at 11:10 pm when the pugilist approached and punched the man on the side of his neck.

He then grabbed the iPad and dashed off. A suspect was later found with the iPad and arrested.

Choke artist

A thief attempted to rob a couple in Fort Greene Park on Sept. 30.

The would-be victims told cops that they were on a romantic walk in the dangerous greenspace at around 9:30 pm when the woman was put in a chokehold by a thief who tried to take her purse. The thief eventually let go and ran away — and cops later nabbed a 16-year-old suspect.


A swiper stole an iPhone on a Fulton Street bus on Oct. 1.

The victim was on the B26 near Washington Avenue at 5:35 pm when the bus made a routine stop. The doors opened, and the thief quickly grabbed the victim’s iPhone out of her hands and dashed off the bus.

— Alfred Ng