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Glass acts

No broken glass!

Cops have narrowed their search for two perps who smash car windows in DUMBO, and now suspect two teenagers from Vinegar Hill, a source said on Tuesday.

The search began two weeks ago when cops arrested a career criminal, Darren Stone, for a spate of car break-ins — but then at least six cars were broken into after Stone was in jail. The cop said that one victim — and a witness — later identified the two perps in a photo lineup. The officer said the NYPD had beefed up patrol in the area to find the punks.

“They have a criminal history,” the cop said. “The detective squad has the names, and they’re just looking for [the kids].”

But there were no break-ins this week, the cop said, presumably because the kids are back in school and, on Saturday, the rain kept everyone inside.

Shoot! A chute!

A burglar broke into a Hicks Street apartment building on Sept. 7 by reaching through the front door mail chute, cops said. The man then opened the door, which is near State Street, and stole two bikes parked in the vestibule, worth $800.

But during his break-in, the man cut himself and left behind DNA evidence, which cops said they are promptly testing and investigating.

Road rager

A sedan and a motorcycle got into a minor accident on Atlantic Avenue on Sept. 5, but what ensued was anything but minor.

Before the driver could even get out of his car, near Hicks Street, one motorcyclist jumped off the bike and started punching the man. As the victim stumbled out of his seat at around 10:20 pm, the other motorcyclist came up, took off his helmet, and started beating the man with it, knocking out four teeth, and sending him to the hospital.

— Sarah Portlock

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