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Grilled cheese is nice — but it’s better with Scotch!

Whisky and cheese? Yes, please! Gary Forsyth, co-owner of Noorman’s Kil in Williamsburg, recommends ideal pairings from the restaurant’s toasted sandwich and hard liquor-filled menu.

Sandwich: Jane

Whisky: George Dickle #12

The light vanilla and smokey flavor of George Dickle Tennessee Whisky works very well with the edge of the New York cheddar and spice of My Friend’s Mustard. A successful merger of classic American flavors.

Sandwich: Maefred

Whiskey: Greenore Single Grain eight year old

The double cream brie, mushrooms, and rosemary accentuate the floral, grassy and lightly peated notes in the Greenore. The combination is both complex and clean.

Sandwich: Karen

Whisky: Yamazaki 12-year-old Single Malt

Yamazaki 12 lends a viscous texture, with refined notes of oak, soft peat and citrus, that goes hand in hand with the rich combination of cheeses (formage blanc, gruyere, sharp cheddar, and havarti) and sourdough bread. The pairing is hearty and pronounced.

Sandwich: Betsy

Whiskey: Noah’s Mill

Noah’s Mill, a bourbon, gently lends a defined helping of molasses, leather and light tobacco that melds seamlessly with the soft Vermont chevre, thyme and apricot jam. Both the flavors and textures make this pairing a perfect match.

— Sarah Zorn

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