Gunmen steal cash, cigarettes from bodega

72nd Precinct

Sunset Park–Windsor Terrace

Smoking gun

Cops are looking for the gunmen who they say robbed a Fourth Avenue bodega on Feb. 26, taking $400 and cigarettes.

The victim told police three men wearing masks barged into the store between 17th and 18th streets waving a pistol and demanding cash at 4:25 am, and that while one guy cleaned out the register, another man looted a back-room storage area, nabbing another $300 worth of smokes.

Push and pedal

Some wacko attacked a 66-year-old woman on Fifth Avenue on Feb. 26.

The victim told police the reprobate shoved her to the ground as she strolled between 50th and 51st streets at 12:48 pm, before hopping in a bicycle and fleeing.

Knock it off

Cops arrested a 38-year-old man for allegedly selling knock-off merchandise from a Fourth Avenue variety store on Feb. 26.

Police claim to have found the suspect hawking counterfeit North Face backpacks, gloves, hats, and Adidas headphones from the store between 25th and 26th streets at 10:58 am, and he was arrested on a felony forgery charge.

Van no-Morrison

A thief drove off with a man’s 2014 Ford Eco Van he parked on Third Avenue on Feb. 28.

The victim told police he left his ride between 51st and 52nd streets at 11:50 am, and returned three days later to find his van poached.

Hot and cold

Cops have given up the hunt for the man who set fire to a Fifth Avenue apartment building on Feb. 28.

Fire erupted within an apartment inside the building between 49th and 50th streets at 9:39 am, and a city fire marshal later concluded some nut job intentionally set the blaze, cops said.

Sharp suspect

Police cuffed a man for allegedly slashing a man’s face with a box cutter inside a Fourth Avenue eatery on March 2.

The victim told police he was arguing with the suspect inside the restaurant between 54th and 55th streets at midnight when the guy whipped out the razor blade and dragged it across the left side of the victim’s head.

The suspect fled the scene following the attack, but the victim joined police on a search of the area, and identified his assailant after spotting him on 50th Street near Fourth Avenue, according to police.

— Colin Mixson

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