Guy robs man at knife point in homeless shelter

88th Precinct

Fort Greene–Clinton Hill

Blade-wielding bandit

Cops arrested a man for allegedly robbing a man at knifepoint at a Carlton Avenue homeless shelter on Aug. 19.

The victim told police that the suspect pushed him onto a couch and held a blade to his throat inside the shelter between Park and Myrtle avenues at 5 p.m., when he demanded cash and took $20 off the man.

Police arrested the suspect the following day, slapping him with a felony robbery charge, cops said.

What a jerk!

Police cuffed a man for allegedly attacking his girlfriend and snatching her cellphone inside Washington Park on Aug. 21.

The victim told police that her beau punched her in the face and took her phone at the bark near Myrtle Avenue at 9 p.m., before hightailing it.

Police arrested him the next morning at Auburn Place at 6:50 a.m., charging him with felony robbery, cops said.


Some scumbag mugged a man after he passed out on Navy Walk on Aug. 20.

The victim told police he drank a possibly spiked soda near Myrtle Avenue at xxx, when he began to feel dizzy and lost consciousness. The man came to at around 6 p.m., when he discovered his bag was stolen.

Caught in the act

Police nabbed a man they suspect of looting a woman’s Grand Avenue home on Aug. 19.

The victim told police she spotted the suspect leaving the back of her house with an expensive watch, a metal necklace, and jars of full of change between Gates and Putnam avenues at 5:55 p.m. and immediately called 911,

Cops tracked the man to a nearby school at Downing Street and Gates Avenue 20 minutes later, cuffed him, and served him with felony burglary charges.

See ya later!

A thief stole a guy’s bike amid a botched sale on Classon Avenue on Aug. 25.

The victim told police he was selling his bike on Craigslist and met up with the bandit to sell the bicycle near Lafayette Avenue at 5:30 p.m.

The scoundrel asked if he could test ride the two-wheeler and headed down Classon Avenue toward DeKalb Avenue but never came back, according to cops.

— Kevin Duggan