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He blacks out — then wakes up robbed!

Club caper

A man who suffered a seizure while working out at a New York Sports Club almost had a relapse when he learned someone had seized the property — which included $1,800 — from his gym locker on Oct. 5.

The victim told police that he was working out at the gym, which is on Third Avenue near 71st Street in the afternoon when he fell ill and was rushed to Lutheran Medical Center.

About a week later, the Ridge Boulevard resident returned to the gym believing he would find the cash, pants, iPod, cell phone and Dirty English cologne he had left behind, but when he went into the changing area, his locker was empty, and the lock he had used was missing.

Google it

A high-tech thief stole two laptops from a Third Avenue home on Nov. 4 as the tenant ran errands.

The thief broke into the apartment, which is near 76th Street, and took the infernal 24-hour office devices between 8:30 am and 12:20 pm.

Jewel thief

A thief busted into a Senator Street home to steal more than $17,000 in jewelry, plus $9,000 in a more readily usable form of currency, on Nov. 5.

The tenant told cops that she returned to the home, which is near Fourth Avenue, at 1:10 pm to find her door forced open and the goods and cash gone.

Home ransacked

A $1,500 watch was among a handful of pricey items removed from an 85th Street apartment on Nov. 5.

The 26-year-old victim told police that he returned at 8 pm to find an open bedroom window at his apartment, which is near Third Avenue.

The thief also got a laptop computer.


A thief swiped a wallet, credit cards, and $2,500 from a Cadillac Escalade that had been left on Eighth Avenue on Nov. 6.

The owner said he parked the car near 68th Street at around 4 am and returned to his vehicle 12 hours later to find that the driver’s-side handle had been damaged.

Worse, the money was gone.

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