‘Heatwave’ is on! But park says party will be legal and clean this time.

Our most disgusting ‘Meadows of Shame’ video — ever!
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The Heatwave is back — not the weather, but the notorious illegal party that left Prospect Park looking like a garbage dump last summer.

The yearly bash orchestrated by the Bergen Street-based event promoters, MIH Ventures, is back for another round of revelry on July 18, though this time Prospect Park officials expect it to be fully permitted.

When the unauthorized barbecue went down last year, thousands of partiers left the Long Meadow near Grand Army Plaza covered in garbage. Parkgoers were disgusted, and park administrators were caught by surprise because MIH Ventures had neither sought, nor obtained, permission for an event that drew thousands of partiers who learned about it via Twitter and Facebook.

This year, MIH has filed the proper paperwork, and a spokesman for Prospect Park said the group will be expected to leave the meadow in good condition.

“MIH applied for a permit … and has agreed to all the instructions and requirements — none the least of which is making provisions for keeping the area clean,” said Eugene Patron, a Prospect Park spokesman, adding, “This isn’t unusual — it’s the same requirements for everyone.”

But given last year’s debacle, many Park Slopers are worried that this party will get started whether there’s a permit or not, thanks to endless hip-hop hype.

“This is ALWAYS a major staple of the summer for the last TEN (!) years strong and this one is building up to be the BIGGEST one yet to celebrate a decade!” touted one blog late last month.
With that ball already rolling, can this party be stopped if there’s no permit?

“If MIH doesn’t obtain a permit, how can they call off the event with any success? I don’t think they could as it is viral by now,” said George Reilly, a concerned parkgoer. “This continued evidence of recklessness and poor planning should be factored into the permit process, right?”

Patron said that MIH Ventures would review regulations with park officials, and that the permit would be granted only if there are no problems. He added that it is possible that a speaker system may not be allowed at the event.

But many locals remain concerned about another wave of trash — especially given that thousands of parkgoers left Prospect Park in dreadful condition after July 4, as seen in a shocking video on our Web site.

A repeat of last year’s Heatwave would be yet another blow to Prospect Park, which has already been struck by a wave of bizarre happenings — ranging from dumped chicken heads to a goose walking around with an arrow through its neck.

A call and e-mail to several MIH employees was not returned before The Brooklyn Paper’s sweltering hot online deadline. The company has never responded to queries.

This is how MIH Ventures left the park after last year's illegal “Heatwave” party.

MIH Ventures’ Heatwave 10.0 in Prospect Park (on the Long Meadow, enter at Grand Army Plaza or along Prospect Park West) on July 18. For info, visit www.mihventures.com/