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Here’s to you, coach

The secret is out, Coach Ralph Marotta is a very special community leader in Brooklyn and as our enabler, he guides us to success in our many chosen fields of endeavor.

Ralph Marotta has helped my brother, myself and hundreds of other scholar athletes during his 40 years of coaching located at the Kings Bay Youth Organization, (KBYO), from 1967-2008.

Most of us have gone on to graduate college, and all of us have productive lives.

Coach Marotta has the uncanny ability to bring the best out of the individual and team in American football, girls softball and teaching the Roman Catholic catechism at St. Edmunds Church.

Ralph sets realistic goals, helps us plan and demands we work hard until we succeed. These gifts from the athletic fields on KBYO, located on Coyle Street in Sheepshead Bay, transfer to every other area in our lives.

When college preparation came to my family, Coach Marotta wrote supportive letters in order for us to gain admission to Yale and West Point. The character letters really were a reflection of his coaching – everyone must use their God given talents persistently.

Many of us in the Kings Bay community have returned to the athletic fields to coach in that special “Ralph” method.

His number of loved ones, grateful for the opportunities he has provided us, measures the richness of Coach Ralph Marotta.

Thank you for all those hours of helping us help ourselves.

Jimmy Faraguna

American Football Coach

Istanbul Cavaliers

Turkish University Federation

Of American Football

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