Hey, freelancer, get out of those pajamas and into an office

Hey, freelancer, get out of those pajamas and into an office
Community Newspaper Group / Aaron Short

Workers of Greenpoint, unite — at a new office space just for freelancers.

Greenpoint CoWorking, a shared office in a ground floor on Norman Avenue at N. Henry Street, opened this month in hopes of meeting the needs of the neighborhood’s growing independent workforce.

Step one: Get them out of their pajamas and out of the house, said web designer Sara Bacon, who founded the venture.

“Having a concrete boundary between live and work makes you more productive,” said Bacon.

The “co-space” layout is meant to evoke the workspace of a cutting-edge graphic design firm or web start-up, featuring a desk that runs the length of the room, floor-to-ceiling windows letting in plenty of natural light, and two bean bag-like pillows called “Fat Boys” next to a chalkboard for creative output.

The goal is to allow individual contemplation while also enabling workers to share ideas in a comfortable environment.

“Members have presented fake pitches to each other, shared projects, or read excerpts of their work,” said Bacon, who did the homebound freelancer thing for seven years. “People who are spending time here are developing an emotional connection with the space and feel taken care of.”

Becoming a member is an investment — prices range from $350 per month for a six-month commitment to the $25 per day basic membership.

But Bacon argues there is a market of restless freelancers in the neighborhood looking for a quiet place to work and the motivation to do so in daytime attire.

Daniel Strube is one of them. A frequent user of Greenpoint CoWorking, Strube said that working from home is “isolating,” but a traditional office is just as “stifling.”

“Working nine-to-five doesn’t allow my creative expression to come out through impulsive behavior because I feel like doing something at any given time means I’m going to put a lot more effort into it than when I don’t want to be doing it,” said Strube.

“But home needs to be home and work needs to be work,” he added. “When you’re able to come home after work it’s relieving — you’ve done something that day.”

Greenpoint CoWorking (240 N. Henry St. at Norman Avenue in Greenpoint, no phone). Open 10 am-5:30 pm. For info, visit www.greenpointcoworking.com.