Home coming show: Comedian talks about her long, hard road to pleasure

Im Coming_Photo By Steven Polletta
Come quick: Head to Union Hall on Jan. 12 for Molly Brenner’s orgasmic new show “I’m Coming.”
Steven Polletta

She’s come a long way, baby!

A Fort Greene comedian has finally had her first orgasm — and she wants to tell you all about it! The creator and star of 2018’s “Molly Brenner is Not Coming,” will perform her new show “I’m Coming” at Park Slope’s Union Hall on Jan. 12. Brenner said she was very happy to update the autobiographical material.

“When I first decided to write ‘Molly Brenner is Not Coming,’ I really hoped I would have to update it,” she said. “I pictured the triumphant sequel, with all my adoring fans… Mostly I was just very happy and elated.

The hour-long comedy show describes Brenner’s victory over vaginismus, an involuntary muscle spasm that can make any kind of sexual activity painful. After performances of her last show, she was deluged with advice from audience members. 

“Everyone had these tips,” she said. “It was really heart-warming how badly people wanted me to come. I felt this community form around my orgasm. That was really sweet.”

Other audience members told her that they were grateful to hear Brenner’s light-hearted take on a seriously personal topic.

“I think it is helpful to people who have vaginismus or who haven’t had an orgasm,” she said. “Everyone’s experience is different, but I get a lot of people who relate. People appreciate that i’m being open about it.”

The new show, she said “goes a little deeper” into the issues that were keeping her experiencing the Big O.

“It’s not just about ‘How does this orgasm happen,’ ” she said. “It’s about my relationship with pleasure, and about things that can make pleasure difficult to let in. It’s got some nuance.”

Brenner has traveled the world with her show, performing at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Orlando Fringe Festival, and in Boston and San Francisco, but this will be her first performance in her Brooklyn home. Plans for future shows are “still simmering,” she said.

The Jan. 12 performance will feature two opening acts: comedians Ophira Eisenberg and Dulce Sloan, who Brenner said are both hilarious, and who straddle the same sort of genres as her solo act.  

“The show’s at the intersection of stand-up and storytelling, and I wanted someone who got that vibe,” she said. “And I always book people I look up to.”   

“I’m Coming,” at Union Hall  [702 Union St. between Fifth and Sixth avenues in Park Slope, (718) 638–4400, unionhallny.com]. Jan. 12 at 8 pm. $12 ($10 in advance).