Humboldt Street shooter hits senior

90th Precinct


Shot in leg

A gun-toting fiend shot a man in the leg on Humboldt Street on June 28.

The 85-year-old victim was nearing Boerum Street at 1:18 pm, when he heard four shots. He winced it pain when he realized one shot hit his right leg. He was taken to Bellevue Hospital.

Smartphone stick-up

Two thieves stole three iPhones from three people on Ainslie Street on July 2.

Two men and a woman were nearing Union Avenue at 2:20 am, when the thugs approached and demanded their phones.

When the victims refused, one thief took out a silver handgun and demanded again. This time, the victims handed over the phones.

Bank run

A greedy robber made off with $5,900 from a Signature Bank branch on Broadway on July 1.

The thief walked into the bank, which is near Berry Street, at 10:31 am, and asked a teller, “You know me from last time?”

The teller said “no,” so the robber stated, “Give me 100s and 50s from the bottom.” When she took out the cash from her register, he added, “that’s not enough, give me more.” She did, at which point he left.

Gun-toting goons

Two thieves robbed a four dudes on Kent Avenue on June 27.

The four men left a S. Fourth Street nightclub at 3:30 am and were nearing N. First Street when the perps approached them.

One perp waved a gun and demanded their phones, and the other collected the four phones — plus $30 — from the group before running away.

Food fight

A food cart vendor tried to stab another seller with a screwdriver on Grand Street on June 27.

The victim was selling food from his truck near Humboldt Street at 12:35 pm, when a rival vendor lunged at him with his tool. The victim jerked away from the perp and scraped his knee on the sidewalk.

Keap robbery

A thief slapped a woman’s head and stole her iPhone on Keap Street on June 27.

The woman was nearing Marcy Avenue at 1:50 pm when the perp approached her and hit her head. The thief grabbed the phone before running away.

Phone snatch

A thief stole a woman’s phone while she was sitting on the Manhattan-bound J-train at Marcy Avenue on June 28.

The woman entered the train at 12:45 am and found a seat. The thief then sat next to her, snatched the phone out of her hands, and fled out of the station toward Broadway.

Hooper scooper

A thief stole $600, jewelry and a TV from a Hooper Street apartment on July 2.

The tenant left her apartment near S. Second Street at 7 am, but when she returned at 7:30 pm the next day, she found her stuff gone.

Copper pipes

Two thieves stole $400 worth of copper pipes from a S. Second Street construction site.

The perps jumped the fence to the site, which is near Bedford Avenue, just before 7:15 am and grabbed the wires, but police caught up with them at the scene half an hour later, and arrested them both.

— Aaron Short