Increase in burglaries has Canarsie cops alerting residents

Canarsie police are warning area residents about a spike in burglaries in one section of the neighborhood.

The burglaries are occurring generally in the East 80s, south of Avenue M, Police Officer Eton White, a member of the 69th Precinct’s Community Affairs department, told members of the United Canarsie South Civic Association (UCSCA), gathered at the Hebrew Educational Society, 9502 Seaview Avenue, for their February meeting.

Since the beginning of 2010, the precinct is up 29.2 percent in burglaries, compared to last year. As of February 7, there have been 31 burglaries within the confines of the 69th Precinct, year to date. Last year at this time, there were 24.

“Basically, what we are asking you to do is lock your doors and windows and call us if you see any suspicious people in the neighborhood,” White said.

In addition, he told his listeners, “If you see any kids around your neighborhood during school time, reach out to us. We have a unit that goes around to see if they see any kids who should be in school, to combat that as well.”

Calls relating to a potential crime in progress should be directed to 911.

White described what he called the perpetrators’ modus operandi to his listeners.

“People knock on the door and they ask for a fictitious name to see if you’re home,” he explained. “If you are home, they go to the next house. If you’re not, that’s when they proceed with the burglaries.”

Area residents can also help protect themselves by taking advantage of a program offered by the precinct in which the precinct’s crime prevention officer will come out, survey their home and make suggestions as to how to improve security, White said. That program is offered free of charge.

Surveys can be arranged by contacting P.O. Dominic Daniele at 718-257-6205, White said.